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The Rules

Banhammers hate them. Avoid being banned with these few simple tricks.

  • Spam

  • Salt, anger, rage, talking, and banter are all to be expected in any game chat. Excessive rage that floods the chat window, consistently requesting teleports to players, and filling chat with the same messages repeatedly are punishable offences. The decision of what counts as spam is left to admin/moderator discretion.

    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense: Temporary ban
    • Third Offense:Permanent ban
  • Attempting to lag the servers

  • Want to play on a server? It has to run properly so attempting to lag the server on purpose will not be tolerated. Not all lag is on purpose so limitations on how large you build are appreciated. Bases that cover entire cities, placing hundreds of sentries or items that generate particles and light such as torches are ways to get yourself permanently banned with no warning.

    • First Offense:Warning, explanation of what not to do, and removal of structure(s)
    • Second Offense: Permanent ban
  • Inappropriate Behavior

  • This involves but is not limited to; racism, harassment, and impersonation. This rule is highly under admin discretion but as long as you are not particularly abusive in chat you may go about your day speaking and acting however you wish.

    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense: Temporary ban
    • Third Offense: Permanent ban
  • Real Life Threats

  • This includes Doxing, DDoS attacks, and threatening someone’s well being. This will not be tolerated.

    • First Offense: Permanent ban
  • Hacking and Glitching

  • If it breaks the game and gives you an unfair advantage it’s against the rules. You have to craft your own ways to raid and kill other players this does not mean you are allowed to use outside means to gain an upperhand via cheating on the server.

    • First Offense: Permanent ban
  • Advertising

  • All other servers are Fake News.

    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense:Permanent ban
  • Staff Disrespect

  • Anything you would say to a normal player you can say to a staff member. The only difference is if a staff member makes a request of you then you should follow it to the best of your abilities. Giving staff members false reports about rule breakers or other such matters are also punishable.

    • First Offense: Warning
    • Second Offense: Temporary ban
    • Third Offense:Permanent ban
  • Staff Abuse

  • Don’t abuse your privilege.

    • First Offense: Removal from Staff
    • Reporting: Report suspected staff abuse directly to Father or Unknown
  • Ban Evasion

  • People who avoid bans via alternate accounts will also be banned. No exceptions.

    • First Offense: Permanent ban of all involved accounts, even if the original ban was temporary.